Teacher As Student

As an
Ann Kuhllberg
SOAR Workshop Coordinator,
I am privileged to be a student in each of the SOAR workshops.
     I have used colored pencils many times over the years in my artwork. I belong to the Colored Pencil Society of Artists, Portland Chapter, and online colored pencil groups.
     However, I have not been as experimental and current with the various brands of colored pencils and related supplies as I have been with other mediums.
     When I learned yesterday that I could not substitute my current Prismacolor pencils for the Faber Castell pencils listed on the workshop supply sheet, I was disappointed at first. Then the workshop instructor explained that the Prismacolor pencils would make maintaining the white of the paper difficult in the work we would be creating in class.  I became self-aware of how little I know about the various colored pencil brand properties. I am now inspired to experiment with this medium and to share my colored pencil journey with you.
     I will be participating in four SOAR Colored Pencil Workshops over the next five months and I am also working on a series of colored pencil tutorials on drafting film. While I won't share the content of the workshops or tutorials because they are not mine to share, I will share my own experiments and discoveries with the supplies I use and my personal reactions to each.
     Colored pencils seem to take a back seat as a medium in fine art, even though they produce wonderful works in the hands of experienced artists. They are challenging to use and deserve to be shared and promoted.
     What I already love about them already is that they are readily available to purchase and easily transported to a variety of settings where I might make art.
     So stay tuned for my upcoming posts centered around colored pencils and the artworks.I can create with them.
     Some of my earlier colored pencil art is featured on the sidebar. I think it will be interesting to compare those naive works with current works as I learn more about this medium.