Calling All Viewers For Help On This Blog's Next Steps

Looking back at my original intent for this blog, about a year ago, I was interested in journalling about my own creativity, which I kept pretty private, AKA Cave Art. Why? Mostly because I shied away from the pressure that might hinder my art as had been my past experience.

But as you can see, my journey has taken me out of my cave. Today I am a member of two art societies and hold the responsibility for one of their shows and the other's blog.

My paintings, which were shown for the first time in my life, became the impetus for my new job offer and acceptance... art instructor at the local community college. Who woulda thought?

But now I want to encourage more interaction with this blog's viewers and to create another interactive blog for my upcoming students. I am not sure if the 6800 viewers on this blog are bots, mistakes, or really interested in what I say. Do I have my setting incorrectly chosen? Can anyone out there, besides my handful of followers, send me a message I can see?

Today I invite the viewers of this blog, and I will repeat this invitation several times, to send me a greeting (appropriate please) in any language.

This will give me feedback on whether this blog is actually reaching 6800 human viewers around the world and also whether this blog is capable of communication between viewers and me.

Thank you in advance for your help. I look forward to receiving your responses.


  1. You know I’m here! I’m so proud of everything thing you have done this past year. Those gifts are all meant to be shared.

    1. I am back and in full form. I will be inviting you to my FB Group also later today.

  2. YEAH! And thank you for your reply. I sure miss you, but this is a good way to connect. K


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