Getting Out Of My Cave

Evidence of creativity and social behaviors are currently dated as far back as Homo neanderthalensis. Their cave art has replicated symbols across Europe and parts of Africa and seems to document and to communicate with clan members and others passing their way, including us today unintentionally.

As my own journey, documented on this blog, moved me out of my own self-created cave, often uncomfortably, I suggest and hope that your creative journey will take you out of yours; at some point where you will communicate your visions, emotions, and observations.

I have already shared the very recent changes in my creative path, finding myself very involved outside my cave rather abruptly. As time has its limits, I need to prioritize my new opportunities in order to protect my own creative time and my new public persona.

With that said, I am building two new blogs. One blog for an art society, which I will not administer, and one for Clark College Community Education art students who I will begin to teach beginning next fall. Both of those blogs will be "members only" accessible.

Regrettably, I continue not to receive interaction on this blog, except for some close followers. However, I will not abandon this blog yet. I will use this blog to test new blog-building strategies before I use them on my teaching blog(s). Viewers here might benefit from some of my videos, tutorials, and marketing approaches. However, my posts might be less frequent that they were at the beginning.

As always, I welcome your responses, LIKES, and suggestions.
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