Making the Hard Decisions

Whether it is marrying the wrong person, making a major move or stay, going away to a particular college to pursue a degree you aren't really "into", or declining an exciting-sounding job offer because it doesn't fit in your scheme of life at the time, there is a level of stress we encounter in making tough decisions.

After a whirlwind week of paperwork, observations, and emails I struggled whether the community college community education art instructor post was a good fit for me. Thoughts popped across my mind like neon billboards on a road trip. Until...

I stopped and asked myself what was the original goal of looking into this position? What is making me uncomfortable about making the decision? Then I had my answer. I still have a slight knot in my stomach because I have to break the news to a friend and fellow artist who referred me. And I am going to meet with the administrator to tell her in person today.

My decision is to decline the offer. I know it will feel like that familiar lead weight is lifted as soon as the words are out of my mouth, and am trying to not carry around the weight of dread all morning.