I received an anonymous email msg that shared their disappointment in my 2020 promise to return, but didn't. That's all it took and here I am and ready to share my journey out of the cave and into visibilityand new art experience I never foresaw. 

In segments I'll share much of what I have been doing and how I have been growing over the past years. In return, I invite you to share with me and others on my blog. 

There has been changes to Google's Blog and now offers bloggers so many helpful lessons and more that I will also need time to get familiar. This should be fun and I'm ready.  I am posting my latest work, a collage using elements from my outdated costume jewelry. It was never meant to be a painting, no pre-idea, no reference photo, no sketch... It began with a blob of #Liquitex new #Glass Medium and a tad of their #Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint. More about that later. This is a painting that designed itself. I was just the tool and material pusher. Depending on the light and angle of the viewer, different forms emerge. I am amazed at the outcome. I still need to cut away the chipboard and add resin medium to ensure the elements do not fall off.